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EcoPro is an exclusive training and certification program offered to vertebrate pest management professionals and nuisance wildlife control operators. EcoPro sets the standards in Ecological Pest Management practices in vertebrate pest management, making it a brand consumers can count on.

EcoPro certification is recognized by environmental organizations and animal welfare societies throughout the United States.

EcoPro Principles


When providing EcoPro Certified services, an EcoPro certified technician shall follow this code of ethics:

  • human safety will be a priority,
  • adhere to all laws and regulations related to the services being provided,
  • prioritize preventive controls,
  • prioritize non-lethal methods,
  • adhere to EcoPro's StepWise Essentials,
  • refrain from using synthetic chemicals with the exception of carbon monoxide for ground burrowing rodents in extreme cases.
  • encourage compassion, kindness and tolerance for other living things,
  • advocate for greater understanding and appreciation of animals and the natural world,


Get EcoPro Certified


Step One: Complete the EcoPro Application and email us a completed package including any and all requested materials.

Step Two: Complete our exclusive EcoPro certification training, specific to your field of service.

Step Three: Employee training and EcoPro Services Examination.

Step Four: Review and sign the EcoPro affidavit.

Step Five: Receive Welcome Packet and access to member resources.


HWCA members receive a 10% discount on tuition.


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